{The Day Family: San Clemente Photographer}

This family was so much fun to photograph.
The boys had plenty of energy and the girls were radiant and glowing.
Not to mention that the beach was beautiful and the sunset was just as divine.
All the above made for a beautiful family photo session. 


{Talega Family Photography: Christmas Photography}

This is one of my all time favorite families.
Jenni and I experienced our first pregnancies together and had our babies 3 weeks apart.
It's always great to have good friends to help get you through life.
We had fun hiking around Talega taking pictures.
It was actually a pretty foggy day, which I was a little worried about, but it ended up making for some fun shots.
It just doesn't get much more beautiful then this family.


{Family Photo Session: San Clemente Photographer}

I am privileged to call this lovely family my neighbors.
These boys are so fun.
I always see them doing stunts and jumps off ramps with their various bikes, skate boards, and other extreme sport equipment.
Seeing them interact and play together makes me want a crew of boys myself.
Their Mother is definitely adored by those boys.
What more could a Mom ask for, but a team of strong boys to love and look out for her? Not much.
Here is a quick look into their photo session.


{Holiday Family Photography: Southern Orange County Photography}

The elements were definitely against us last weekend. 
Cold and windy are two words that would describe it best.
However, even with the wind in their hair and chills down their spines, this family looked like they were having a sweet, pleasant picnic on a warm, sunny day.
After looking through their photos I am convinced they could make any weather look beautiful!


{Christmas Photo Session: Three Arch Bay Photographer}

Three Arch Bay in Laguna Beach is by far one of my favorite places.
It's beautiful, calm, and breathtaking.
A perfect place to take Christmas card photos.
This family was so sweet and easy going.
I love the way their pictures are turning out.
Here is a quick peek.


{Holiday Family Photography: Coto De Caza Photographer}

I have been editing and shooting like a mad woman this week!
It is definitely a busy season and I am loving every second of it.
I am currently editing this families session and had to post this of one of their twin boys.
So much energy and so much fun!
Hope you all had a Happy Thanksgiving :)
 Loving his crystal blue eyes!


{Newport Beach Photography: The Spicer Family}

I am really loving all these Holiday Photo Sessions!
Spending time with fun families at great locations is what makes my job so much fun.
I loved shooting at the pier.
It was a beautiful day and a lot of fun to get out of the studio and get some sunshine.
This family was great and I loved their grey outfits. So adorable.
Here is a peak into their Newport Beach Holiday Photo Session.


{Holiday Photo Session: The Carpenter Family}

Last Saturday I was lucky enough to beat the rain and get a few fun family shoots in.
This gorgeous family was so sweet and easy to work with...not to mention photogenic!
Here are a few shots from their session.
There is a ton more (since they looked amazing in every shot).
I won't share too many, as to not spoil the surprise of their Christmas Card, but here are a few I couldn't resist posting!


{Jen: Orange County Maternity Photographer}

This lovely mama to be is just as gorgeous inside as she is out.
I am lucky enough to call her my sister in law.
We are anxiously awaiting the arrival of the first Granddaughter in the Steele family!
She is going to be a stunner just like her mama.
Is it me or does she look a lot like Jennifer Aniston? I'm just saying. Can't wait to meet her little baby girl!